"Cooking for yourself should be just as meaningful as cooking for friends. Cooking for friends should be just as simple as cooking for yourself."

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Yes. You Can Freeze Tomatoes.

Here's how.

5 ways to zhuzh up rice kirspy treats, no baking required. 

Treat Yourself!

Lobster Pasta 


This recipe checks two boxes: a new way to make pasta salad and an excuse to eat a lobster roll.

Buttermilk Banana Pudding 

Salted peanuts and brown butter make this pudding 


My Grandma's Pickled Eggs

An old-school recipe that will have you tickled PINK! 

Best Ever 


The first thing gone at a party? This cheese ball. Every. Single. Time. 

Rosé Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken's sassy yet sophisticating sibling.



Turn a packet of instant ramen into an easy pasta dinner for one.